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Sunday 5th August (2pm)
Peter Vaughan
The Importance of Names

Numerology is closely aligned with astrology except for the personality component which is developed or created from birth. Both numerology and astrology are linked with the birth time data but the 'bodies' in which we are housed are given a name, a title, and this is the one component that becomes the psychological controller, the driver, the master manager over the mind, which steers the body into the future. It is called self-will, freedom of choice, and by understanding the decision making by each individual we can predict the future of every individual on the planet.

Back in 1980, Peter began to study math from a different standpoint and found it can be used to unravel the point, purpose and direction of anyone's life, even in business. And so, this has become his life's work. Today he works in the human resource industry, helping people, families, businesses, celebrities and even government officials and departments unravel some of their problems. Many people know Peter through his work in the TV series The Profilers and his help behind the scenes in the TV series Sensing Murder (both internationally screened), which have helped him realise just how much people's lives are governed by the psychological blueprint in their subconscious.

Sunday 2nd September (2pm)
Robert Crowson
Astrology for Fun

Sunday 7th October (6.30pm)

Upcoming workshops yet to be confirmed.