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Monthly meetings

Sunday 1st April (2pm)
Jillian Whyte
Destiny by Design or Default

Jillian will present the ‘Language of Success’ through the understanding of the North and South Nodes in one’s birth chart. Why is it so hard for some to 'leave home’ and others not? How astrologers may assist their clients, themselves, and significant others in taking a fresh look at the birth chart with a deeper understanding of these two important parts of the birth chart.  How a better understanding of the North and South Nodes may assist the interpretation of the rest of the chart, progressions, transits, solar and lunar returns. 'Where are we going and where have we been' and why the North Node is essential for weaving something entirely new in our lives that has never existed before.

Sunday 6th May (2pm)
Susan Archer

Astrological Patterns
of Women in Power
Examining the charts of a small group of women who have gained significant political power to determine what, if any, astrological patterns may be found.

sunday 3rd June (2pm)
graham ibell
Graham will also be holding a workshop on 2nd June
- details to follow.

Classes with Colleen 

Declinations, the Parallel Aspect  

In the scheme of things it is not that long since declinations, the parallel and contra parallel aspects, were seen to be as relevant as all the other Ptolemaic aspects. In fact it is rather strange that they slipped off the aspect grid just when computer programmes made them so readily available with no effort and no mathematical skill required. 
Declinations are a simple tool: they create aspects based on celestial latitudeas opposed to celestial longitude—the every day aspects such as conjunctions, oppositions etc. In simple terms these normal aspects are measurement of the distance between planets going around the ecliptic while declinations are the measurement of the distance between the planets going up and down from the ecliptic. 
Declinations give a different perspective; not just on the planets involved but more importantly to the aspects between any given planets—more often than not planets with a connection by declinations will also be in a relationship via regular aspects.
This class is about what declinations ‘do,’ how they impact on planetary connections (aspects) and how most importantly they can provide a secret weapon, or inner strength, when the chart is under siege. We will look at declinations by transit and by progression, but most importantly we will look at your declinations—this is a hands on workshop which will work primarily with class charts—so be sure to provide your details when you register.  This class is suitable for all levels—hope you join in.
Date: Sunday 15 April 2018
Time: 1 pm – 4.30 pm
Venue;  119  Queen Street, Northcote Point
Fee: $40 per class - includes charts, handouts and afternoon tea
Registration essential at your earliest please :-)
Contact Colleen email phone 09 418 2349
mobile 021 0444 911

New Zealand Astrology Conference: Making of the One Thing
December 7 to 9, 2018

Auckland AFI and ASNZ will host this not-for-profit event, at Bella Rakha, a beautiful 30 acre Retreat Centre in expansive green Oratia, near Auckland’s West Coast. This offers comfortable accommodation for delegates and travellers, plus the potential to commute for those in Auckland.

Why a conference?
· A chance to gather the New Zealand and Australian astrology clans into one place, to share ideas, network, extend intellectual horizons.
· An opportunity to attract some of the wider astrological world to our shores.
· It is over 20 years since an international astrology conference was held here – it’s time!
· Astrology is at a very exciting point in its history, and this event celebrates that, also demonstrating why this is so.

Our arrival night, December 7, 2018, hosts a very special Sagittarius New Moon conjoined Jupiter. The perfect symbol for learning, conviviality, and the quest for knowledge. Timely indeed, with the Opening Ceremony at exact New Moon…
Theme: Making of the One Thing: Astrology, where imagination and intellect meet.
Inspired by that astrological classic, the Emerald Tablet: As it is above, so it is below. And as it is below, so it is above…for the making of the One Thing. The One Thing could be paraphrased as the Uniting Principle, The All, the X factor…the unnameable. What this conference can do is explore those margins where the magic and the logic of astrology meet. Traditional astrology, modern astrology, and even mundane astrology, all exist on that margin. Let’s celebrate this.

Are you interested in presenting a paper? If so, please consider topics that come from the wide variety of astrological domains, which demonstrate the interface of the magical and the logical ways of thinking, “for the making of the One Thing.”
Are you interested in attending this event?  A show of genuine interest would be much appreciated as we are currently immersed in the birthing process of this conference. We aim to have a few options for affordability.
We also need you to wish us well…please email us sharing ideas, comments, questions.

Christine Broadbent and Kath Tutill are co-conveners, Colleen Coffey is the treasurer, part of a team of eight people willing to give the time to make this wonderful event happen. If you feel you too would like to help, let us know. Many thanks!

Kath Tutill: 
Colleen Coffey:  
Christine Broadbent: 
Beginners-friendly options.