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Sunday 7th October (6.30pm)

Fern Mercier (7.30pm)

Hands On Workshop
exploring the Correspondences between Astrology and Tarot
Part 2

We will be particularly referencing the Four Elements.
Please bring your tarot cards if you have them.
If you have have any extra tarot decks

would you bring them along for other players to use?

Sunday 4th November (7pm)
Alan Clay
Sedna Consciousness,
the soul's path of destiny

Discover the evolutionary spiritual power of Sedna, the new esoteric outer limit of our solar system and learn of the profound implications for society and for each of us individually in the coming years, as she approaches her closest point to Earth.  This talk by New Zealand astrologer, Alan Clay, pushes back a little on all the victimisation interpretations of the planet that come from the myth and looks a little at Sedna and illness. Alan likes an interactive discussion, so is happy to take questions and give feedback on particular placements, or aspects.

Alan draws the connection between Sedna and the centaur, Pholus, because they both have a 'space weathering' process that turns the surface of each red, so in his mind they both have to do with growth. And he links it with Ceres, because they both likely have internal oceans, so they both speak of a nurturing process. And with Saturn, because their daily rate of spin is the same, so they have the same day to day practical perspective and both speak of limits. Sedna is of course the esoteric new outer limit of the solar system.

Ceres was an asteroid, but was upgraded to be a dwarf planet. We can think of Ceres as the higher octave of the Moon, meaning that the emotional security of the Moon is transmuted into a sustenance and nurturing of our spiritual security and sense of place on Planet Earth with Ceres. This is very similar to Sedna, only Sedna operates on a far vaster scale, so we may find that Sedna is the higher octave of Ceres, where the spiritual security and sense of place on Planet Earth with Ceres, is transmuted into transpersonal nurturing of our spirituality and sense of place in the evolutionary cycle with Sedna. 

Alan Clay is a 62 year old astrologer from New Zealand, who is also an award winning film director and novelist. For over 30 years Alan has also conducted a deep research into people, through his extensive work as a clown teacher. Foe the past two years he has been researching a book on Sedna, the new outer limit of the Solar System, which includes comprehensive aspect analysis using all the new dwarf planets. The book was well received at it’s launch at the United Astrology Conference in Chicago in May. Alan will also be lecturing on Sedna at the State of The Art Astrology Conference in New York State in October.

7-9 dECEMBER 2018

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AFI year end party will be held at the end of the conference: 
5pm Sunday 9th December at Bella Rakha, Oratia.

Upcoming workshops yet to be confirmed.