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Monthly meetings

Sunday 4th August (2pm)
Rozlyn Noble
Rock and Rolling with Progressions

Using Secondary Progressions in Predictive Astrology:

The aspiring musician and his band were destined to become famous rock stars. Using the predictive technique of secondary progressions there were indications that at the age of 18 years, a major life event would occur. How do we know this and how do progressions work in your chart?  Based on a day-for-a-year formula, this symbolic method of time is easy to understand and incredibly informative.
Who was this famous rock star?  How did the progressions of the Sun, Moon and other planets indicate events in his life?  We will focus mainly on the progressed Moon and lunar cycles. Come along and gain a thorough understanding of how to utilise the popular tool of secondary progressions in your own astrology chart or that of friends and clients.

Sunday 1st September (2pm)
Mike Kirk
Mundane Charts
and the Post WW2 Economic Order

We will look at the incipient overhaul of the world economic order by way of:

  • The Bretton Woods chart, EU chart, UK chart, and especially the USA chart for their Pluto transit (243 years return).
  • The 84-90 year cycle and the 72 year cycle for USSR (see you Mr Putin in 2026)
  • Currency and debt cycle and its coming re-ordering (Jupiter square Neptune and Uranus in Taurus.)
  • Echoes of the 1930s.

Sunday 6th October (6.30pm)
AGM and Hamish Saunders

Sunday 3rd November (7pm)
Fern Mercier


Class with Colleen

Next class will be in August. Please check back here later.